About Kristyn Aredas - KristynAredasPhotography

Meet the girl behind the camera:

| Kristyn Nicole Aredas |

Hi everyone! My name is Kristyn Aredas and i'm a small town photographer residing in Turlock, Ca. I'm a mother to a little 4  year old girl who is literally my inspiration for EVERYTHING. I've always had a passion for taking photos, but I know deep down if it weren't for that little girl watching me, I wouldn't have pursued it as hard as I have. I'm a hopeless romantic down to the core. There's not a whole lot that can make me more excited than capturing raw, unposed emotion between couples. However, I also love doing children's photography (3+ months). I have to get my fill of gummy smiles, belly laughs, and chunky legs! Regardless of what you're looking for, i'm glad you stopped by my website. Let's chat if you have ANY questions. I hope to hear from you soon! 

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